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<strong>The Numbers Don’t Lie: Ontario is Failing at Math and We Need to Find a Way to Stop It!</strong>
The Numbers Don’t Lie: Ontario is Failing at Math and We Need to Find a Way to Stop It!
Divide, subtract, add, multiply: however, you want to calculate it, Ontario is heading in one direction when it comes to the EQAO math rankings – downwards. The EQAO test data show that Ontario’s student outcomes are similar to those jurisdictions,...
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The Education Sector: A  Recession-Resistant Enterprise for You
It is said that if you know the problem, half the battle is won! Now we know that the world is going to face the problem of recession, how are you preparing for it? Central banks across the globe have...
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Surprising Ways Math can Help Your Kids | UCMAS Canada
While it may be easier for a small group of children to perform Math calculations confidently, most of the children find it very difficult. After school programs offering Abacus mental math course is one of the best ways to improve...
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How to Make Your Child an Active Listener | UCMAS Canada
Paramount reason why most of the children fail to perform well in academics and communicate effectively is the lack of active listening skills. Active listening means giving complete attention to the speaker to understand the message and prevent the breakdown...
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Super 7 Ways to Develop Child’s Interest in Math | UCMAS Canada
Children often struggle to understand the concepts of Mathematics, making it difficult for them to be successful in the subject and overall academics. Sometimes, this struggle in the subject discourages children from pursuing advanced courses and learning other subjects successfully....
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REVEALED: The Best New Year Gift for Children
From Marvel superhero mini-figures, Barbie merchandise, unicorn sets, and LEGO kits to comic books, soft toys, play-doh set, and more, there are a plethora of options available when it comes to selecting the festive season gift for your kids. All...
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Abacus Math Program & Academic Performance – How are they related?
Human intelligence, ability to solve problems or make something which is valued in culture, is largely affected by external environment. The human brain could be 99% developed by the age of 10. So, every child has a chance to increase...
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25 Reasons Why You Should be Proud to be Canadian!!
  Canada, we are head-over-heels in love with you! You’re our home, our nation and we are super-duper proud to be called Canadians. You help us imbibe and exercise values that truly make us warm, hospitable and loving. While we...
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Competitions are crucial for a child’s development. Here’s why!
Participating in any competition is a great opportunity for children to challenge their skills and learn beyond what they already know. Competitions allow them to showcase their abilities to a wider audience, which is a great self-confidence booster; a much-needed...
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Can brain development programs give a much-needed boost to stagnating math grades of children in Canada?
Children have all the ammunition when it comes to conquering math. Be it calculators or protractors, children’s bags are brimming with means to improve their performance in math. However, falling grades in several regions of Canada have ignited the debate...
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