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				Mental Math Worksheet

Shaping confident problem-solvers through mental math worksheets

Through our proven and engaging methods, we are dedicated to helping children become confident problem solvers through consistent practice and with the help of passionate Course Instructors, ensuring they not only excel in academics but thrive in the real world.

Why UCMAS Mental Math Worksheet?

UCMAS Mental Math worksheets are the medium for developing lifelong skills in children. With increasing complexity at each level, these worksheets improve speed and accuracy, promoting the development of mental calculation strategies that become second nature for children.

How Worksheets Help Children

  • Independent Learning

    Our worksheets provide clear instructions, making it easy for your child to understand and work through problems on their own. This builds confidence and self-learning ability to navigate through problems on their own.

  • Parental Involvement

    Our worksheets offer opportunities for parents to engage in their child's learning journey, creating a supportive educational environment.

  • Sense of Progress

    The worksheets allow students to track their progress, which gives them a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to strive for further success in challenges.

  • Speed and Precision

    At UCMAS, speed and accuracy in calculations are at the core of our commitment to building confidence and proficiency in the present and future.

Research conducted on UCMAS students trained in abacus and mental math resulted in a net gain of 7.11 IQ Points

A study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that children with high IQs exhibit superior math abilities. That is because many cognitive tasks involved in IQ tests, such as pattern recognition and logical reasoning, are also integral to mathematical skills.

How to use the Worksheet?

Simplify math practice with our user-friendly and grade-specific worksheets! Just select a worksheet based on their grade, let them solve independently for 15-20 minutes daily, and witness remarkable improvements in their math proficiency and problem-solving skills.

Take the first step towards building your child’s academic confidence. Contact Us For Additional Worksheets To Support Your Child’s Daily Practice!

As Albert Einstein said, ‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind.’ We, at UCMAS, understand the crucial role mental math plays in a child’s brain development journey. Hence, through our customized approach and effective tips, we establish a strong foundation for your child using unique abacus and mental math techniques.

Why Mental Math is important for children?

Mental math is like a superpower in real life! It helps children make quick decisions, and ace everyday challenges by increasing their Intelligence Quotient and enhancing critical thinking abilities, helping them in academics and beyond.

Daily mental math practice makes your child a pro problem solver.

What Parents Say about UCMAS

Our daughter’s two-year journey with UCMAS has yielded impressive results. We’re happy with her progress. Mental Math has not only boosted her academic performance but has also sharpened her logic and critical thinking skills.

Ihar Malash, UCMAS Boca Raton

UCMAS Student Demo Video

In the world of education, mental math skills are like a secret tool—they enhance quick thinking and problem-solving. It’s a skill worth mastering. And only consistent practice is the magic formula for ongoing improvement. So take the first step towards unleashing your child’s inner math prodigy!

Empower your child's journey for success in academics and beyond

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