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Abacus Math Program & Academic Performance – How are they related?

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Human intelligence, ability to solve problems or make something which is valued in culture, is largely affected by external environment. The human brain could be 99% developed by the age of 10. So, every child has a chance to increase his or her intelligence level if right learning experiences are provided during the critical years of brain development. While Abacus math programs for kids are known to enhance math skills, they also promote whole-brain development. During the training, children touch the beads and stimulate acupoints on their fingers, which are further connected with various lobes of the brain. Such regular practice sharpens brain functioning. The outcome obviously is brighter kids.

Moreover, learning and self-confidence are correlated. Learning builds confidence in child. It prepares children for future growth and success. Any type of learning which begins at an early age undoubtedly sharpens brain. If a child works on building his logical, problem-solving, concentration, confidence and creativity abilities through best Abacus for kids program, he will definitely excel in all areas of life, starting with school.

When it comes to performing well at school, enhanced memory is very critical. As child starts practicing numbers on Abacus every day, he starts visualizing the same. It finally gets memorized and thus child becomes smart at solving problems without using the physical tool. However, to reach this point, child needs a lot of practice. So, the ultimate result is increased memorization power of the brain.

The strong memorization power helps in securing better grades in other subjects as well and thus enhancing academic performance. Also, Abacus training requires children to concentrate hard during the practice. This helps them to slowly and gradually develop their concentration power. Children are able to focus on what is being done at the present moment. While learning at schools, most of the children get distracted and as a result, are unable to learn subjects appropriately and perform well. A student who has done Abacus mental arithmetic will never struggle with such situations.

Mathematics is a subject which most of the children struggle to learn! Most importantly, they are always anxious with numbers, formulas, decimals and everything numeric. Only strong conceptual understanding of it will help develop a strong foundation in math. UCMAS Abacus mental math program boosts brain power in children in children aged 4-13 years. Apart from strengthening math skills, the UCMAS approach establishes foundational building blocks such as creativity, concentration, memory and problem-solving skills to help child gain success in all subject areas.