Abacus Awareness Workshop - UCMAS Canada

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Abacus Awareness Workshop

    Spring Workshop

    Engage your child positively by enrolling them in our exciting Spring Workshop for just $10. This hands-on experience will introduce them to the power of abacus-based mental math learning, enhancing their cognitive abilities and improving their mathematical skills.






    Workshop Benefits to Children:

    • Explore a new way to learn math
    • Introduction to Abacus learning
    • Engage in fun and interactive activities
    • Connect and make new friends

    Benefits of Learning Abacus:

    • Promotes whole-brain development
    • Improves calculation skills
    • Develops concentration
    • Enhances problem solving ability
    • Improves memory power
    • Reduces stress
    • Develops visualization skills
    • Improves fundamentals of learning

    Limited Seats Available

    For registration or more information:
    Call : 1877-UCMAS-90 or visit your nearest UCMAS centre