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Research Done on Impact of Abacus Training on Children

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Seeing children as avid Abacus math users in action is a sight to behold. Their hands perform arithmetic operations quicker than anyone using an electronic calculator. Abacus, an ancient calculating device has drawn attention of educationists and scientists equally. The prime reason can be the simplicity it provides when it comes to calculating the complex numbers. Even in the 20th century, the magical accuracy and speed that an Abacus user shows is a subject of research.

Studies have shown that Abacus method of mental calculation is quite effective in the development of both sides of the brain. Earlier, this idea acted only as a hypothesis. However, the recent development in the research done on impact of Abacus for kids, supports the hypothesis. Eminent researchers and scholars have studied the effectiveness of Abacus training on children and this is what they have revealed.

The effects of Abacus Training on intelligence and mental computation were assessed with the Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM). 3185 children in Sudan were divided into two groups, the Experimental and the Control. IQs of the groups were examined and tested. The Experimental group was given intensive Abacus training involving mental processes used to solve cognitive problems. The other group didn’t receive Abacus training. Both the groups were later tested with SPM. The Experimental group gained significant 7.11 IQ points contrary to the negligible difference between the IQ scores of both the groups before experiment.

In another research, children were presented with various images and asked to estimate the number of dots in them. It was later revealed that children who received Abacus training were more accurate in giving estimate, solving addition problems and displaying different pattern of responses, than untrained participants.

Thus, Abacus is a healthy brain stimulant. It promotes use of both left and right brain simultaneously. Starting Abacus learning at young age helps to activate the brains of young children. Children who receive insightful Abacus training are found to be superior in their memory especially in terms of the number of digits, which they are able to memorize. The retention of the numbers is certain. On the contrary, non-Abacus learners’ calculation methods lack flexibility in exploring innovative ways to solve problems.

Also, studies have confirmed that students are able to visualize image of Abacus in their head. Their enhanced ability to visualize can be put to use for other subjects as well. The positive effects of Abacus on children have been accepted by the entire education fraternity at large. There is no exaggeration in stating that the coming days will witness more researches with supportive findings to encourage upcoming generations to adapt to Abacus methods.

Since 25 years, UCMAS is providing insightful Abacus training to children through its exclusive program. The Abacus program is developed with the aim to stimulate brain functioning, enhance cognitive skills and develop mental arithmetic capabilities.