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From Abacus to Robotics: Combat Summer Slide with UCMAS Summer Camp
From Abacus to Robotics: Combat Summer Slide with UCMAS Summer Camp
It’s getting warmer, isn’t it? Summer is not that far away and while our kids will be all excited and ready for summer, we parents and educators will be discussing the dreaded summer slide. Not the best discussion we want...
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Enhancing the Whole Brain Development of Children with the Abacus 6 – Finger Technique!
“UCMAS has always led the way in researching and advancing Abacus Math Calculation Techniques. The program was founded by Prof. Dr. Dino Wong, who holds a PhD in this field and stands out for its strong scientific foundation. The continuous...
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5 Ways to Ignite Your Child’s Concentration Power
Concentrate! Focus! Is this what you keep telling your child? Saying these words out may be easy, but, what do they mean to your child? Is it easy for them to act on those words?  These are a few questions...
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Math Mavens: 5 Women Who Crushed Stereotypes in Math.
Throughout history, societal norms have frequently constrained the opportunities accessible to women due to gender biases. Despite these challenges, some visionaries defied societal norms to pursue their love for mathematics. The perseverance of these women not only laid the framework...
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UCMAS Competitions – Speed, Accuracy and Victory!
Give it a shot! Think of ten different numbers with two digits each and quickly add them up in under 3 seconds without using a calculator. Some might say it is not possible, however after pursuing a mental math program,...
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Math Camp for Kids: An opportunity to make this springtime break unforgettable!
Here comes the spring! Everyone is ready for a perfect spring break, dreaming of sunshine, relaxation, and a memorable time with the family. While beachside lounging or exploring new holiday destinations might be on your agenda, here’s a proposal for...
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Strengthen Your Child’s Confidence in Math: 8 Everyday Tips
In our modern world, where confidence, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills are highly valued, having a solid grasp of math is crucial. Engaging in daily mental math exercises is an effective strategy to enhance your child's confidence in...
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The Therapeutic Impact of Abacus on Alzheimer Patients
January marks Alzheimer's Awareness Month in Canada. The goal is to spread information about detection, causes and risk factors, available treatment options, and coping strategies for families. As it aims to raise awareness and empower us all to stand with...
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The Abacus: A Scientifically-Proven Learning Tool
The abacus, which has been in use for thousands of years in numerous nations, is the earliest known calculator. The abacus, however, is useful for more than simply basic math; it has intriguing educational and scientific benefits that persist to...
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The Power of Abacus Learning and Brain Development Games for Children
In the fast-paced world of today, nurturing a child's cognitive abilities is important. As parents and educators strive to provide the best tools for a child's intellectual growth, there's a rising awareness about the importance of holistic brain development. In...
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