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Mathematics UCMAS

Abacus for kids- A program that goes above & beyond Math

A child’s brain is like a sponge ready to absorb anything that it comes in contact with. And it’s in...
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Child Development Mathematics

Mental Math- An Upgrade of the Everyday Math

There is a great deal of competition going around these days with kids doing wonders and breaking records. The age...
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UCMAS- One of the Top Franchises in Canada

The education industry is constantly growing and evolving, and if you are passionate about education or making a difference in...
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Mental Math: Your after-school program need not be humdrum!

  The support for the after school programs is overwhelming and the demand is ever so increasing. They are beneficial...
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Don’t take a leap of faith – Evaluate your franchise decision!

Buying a franchise is a big decision. And any big decision requires you to think every aspect through. There must...
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Child Development

Managing Work from Home for Parents: We know it’s tough but you got this!

The pandemic conditions have forced a lot of parents to work from home. Working from home is tough as all...
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