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Why Should One Invest In Educational Franchises In Canada

Franchising is one of the best choices for emerging entrepreneurs who want to start something of their own with an...
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Mathematics UCMAS

Fun Facts About Abacus You Must Know!

The abacus is one of the oldest calculation devices and holds a unique place in mathematical history. Its primary use...
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Child Development UCMAS

Merits Of After School Programs For Children

Schools provide much needed care and growth to children but still there are some things that only after school programs...
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Child Development UCMAS

Surprising Skills Children Learn At Summer Camps!

Summer camps have always been associated with fun and entertainment and rightly so. It’s the first thing that comes to...
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Child Development Mathematics

Abacus for kids- A program that goes above & beyond Math

A child’s brain is like a sponge ready to absorb anything that it comes in contact with. And it’s in...
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5 Reasons Why UCMAS Is A Great Franchise Opportunity In Canada!

The pandemic conditions have forced a lot of people to shut down their businesses. But, the Education industry is evolving...
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