Benefits of Being Good at Math

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Surprising Ways Math can Help Your Kids | UCMAS Canada
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Surprising Ways Math can Help Your Kids | UCMAS Canada

Know what the benefits of learning mental math for kids are. Blog by UCMAS Canada – Abacus-based mental math after school program.

While it may be easier for a small group of children to perform Math calculations confidently, most of the children find it very difficult. After school programs offering Abacus mental math course is one of the best ways to improve the arithmetic skills of a child. It helps a child to develop an interest in Math from an early age itself.

Abacus for kids has made it easy to calculate arithmetic operations. Children use their hands and Abacus make calculations. The movement involving the use of fingers allow children to stimulate several parts of the brain. As a result, children can complete calculations more accurately and quickly. The Abacus for kids program thus promotes a stress-free process of learning.

Studies have been carried out to unveil the major benefits of Abacus math programs for kids

1. Creativity

The left hemisphere of the brain provides analytical information. It controls calculation, writing, reading and even logical thinking. The right hemisphere of the brain controls creativity and artistic sense. The continuous use of Abacus helps children to develop the right side of the brain that fosters creativity and visualization skills in children and thus contributes to the holistic brain development.

2. Confidence