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Success Beyond Numbers: UCMAS Students Leading the Way
Success Beyond Numbers: UCMAS Students Leading the Way
We just concluded hosting Canada’s Largest Mental Math Competition, where our students once again exceeded all expectations by solving 100-200 questions in just 8 minutes! Since 2004, this competition has been an integral part of UCMAS Canada's culture, significantly impacting...
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20 years of Empowering Young Minds
UCMAS - an innovative Abacus-based Mental Math program - was founded thirty years ago, by Prof. Dr. Dino Wong in Malaysia, with a bold vision to redefine education and equip students with invaluable skills for a lifetime. From modest beginnings...
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A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity For Your Child is Here! Know More About the UCMAS National Level Competition!
Students have been deprived of various opportunities coming their way due to the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. They were restricted to online learning platforms due to the pandemic. But now, with the easing of restrictions in several parts of...
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Merits Of After School Programs For Children
Schools provide much needed care and growth to children but still there are some things that only after school programs can help them with. This extra nourishment is the most important reason why parents prefer these programs for their children....
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Surprising Skills Children Learn At Summer Camps!
Summer camps have always been associated with fun and entertainment and rightly so. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Summer Camps’. It’s mostly because they are there to make children’s life lively and...
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5 Reasons Why UCMAS Is A Great Franchise Opportunity In Canada!
The pandemic conditions have forced a lot of people to shut down their businesses. But, the Education industry is evolving and growing rapidly. And in this vast arena of the Education Industry, after school programs have seen an accelerated growth....
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Invest in an Award-winning Education Franchise | UCMAS
Today, many entrepreneurs are exploring education franchise opportunities in Canada. Though there might be many, one should be extremely careful in terms of choosing the right franchise. The selection of franchises is going to be critical as it can directly...
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Can UCMAS Help Children Ace in Extra-curricular Activities? Here’s your answer.
  Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of education and holistic development of a child. Children learn self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, and social skills with activities like music, singing, sports, debate, drama, dance and even social services, to name a few....
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25 Reasons Why You Should be Proud to be Canadian!!
  Canada, we are head-over-heels in love with you! You’re our home, our nation and we are super-duper proud to be called Canadians. You help us imbibe and exercise values that truly make us warm, hospitable and loving. While we...
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Competitions are crucial for a child’s development. Here’s why!
Participating in any competition is a great opportunity for children to challenge their skills and learn beyond what they already know. Competitions allow them to showcase their abilities to a wider audience, which is a great self-confidence booster; a much-needed...
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