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Handling a Bad Report Card: Instill a Winning Mindset for Academic Success
Handling a Bad Report Card: Instill a Winning Mindset for Academic Success
As parents and educators, we all want our children to excel in academics and to have a wide range of options for their future. The journey to achieving these aspirations is not always smooth sailing. Sometimes children fall right into...
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An Epic Family Day Celebration: How to Get it Right!
Family Day in Canada presents an exciting chance to spend quality time together as a family. This day is dedicated to celebrating the essence of family, love, and togetherness. As parents, it's crucial to make the most of this special...
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12 Essential Back-To-School Tips For Parents Of Preschoolers
The time has come for children to pack their bags, put on their uniforms, and head back to school. As the new academic year begins, parents play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition for their children. From preparing...
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Managing Work from Home for Parents: We know it’s tough but you got this!
The pandemic conditions have forced a lot of parents to work from home. Working from home is tough as all the schools and daycares have been closed too, which means that your kids stay home too. You have to take...
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Math grades are declining across Canada… A must-read for parents!
There has been a growing concern among parents, teachers, and policy-makers about the fall in math grades of children across several regions of Canada. Debates are flaring with arguments that revolve around the new discovery-based curriculum being the reason for...
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An Open Letter to All the Wonderful Mothers Out There
As Mother's Day is around the corner, there is no better way than expressing in words, of how important a role of a mother is to every child. Their love is unconditional and priceless. From the very first day of...
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