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An Open Letter to All the Wonderful Mothers Out There


As Mother’s Day is around the corner, there is no better way than expressing in words, of how important a role of a mother is to every child. Their love is unconditional and priceless. From the very first day of holding the baby in arms to caring for them at each moment of their life, a mother fulfills her responsibility that stays throughout a lifetime.

Every mother from day 1 tirelessly works towards enriching their child’s life and giving them the best. A mother helps a child take all their major firsts – right from their first feed to their first step, their first trip to the doctor to their first ride on the bike. A mother is always there to clear up all mess whether its toys, clothes, tantrums or food.

From Mrs. Fix It to Finance Manager, Personal Cheerleader & Chef to a professional in stress management, a mother is a super woman playing different roles. She manages to wake up with the sun, finish all the house chores, prepare delicious meals for everyone, go to office, pick-up groceries on her way back home, prepare a quick dinner (before the kids get all cranky), clean-up after everyone, wash the dishes and put her precious kids to bed. She truly is amazing with the innate ability to manage everything and anything.

Mothers are the biggest support system, not only to a child but her entire family. She is the guiding light for her children, encourages them when times are tough and advises to never be afraid to do something that they believe in. A mother trusts her children and gives them the freedom to open their wings and fly, while simultaneously making them aware about the possible perils.

A mother, more importantly, deserves to be thanked for the passionate and endless work they do. They do not get any sick days or holidays and yet they do not complain about it. They continue to shower their love and be there for their children every time, every single day. At UCMAS, we would like appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of all the mothers.

While at UCMAS, we educate children and help in developing their brain capabilities and overall skills, a mother is the real force of motivation & strength that encourages a child to lead a life full of values, compassion and love for all. On this special day, we at UCMAS, salute the spirit of motherhood and would like to sincerely thank all the wonderful mothers.