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Managing Work from Home for Parents: We know it’s tough but you got this!

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The pandemic conditions have forced a lot of parents to work from home. Working from home is tough as all the schools and daycares have been closed too, which means that your kids stay home too. You have to take care of your kid as well as your work and maintain the balance between both. There are few tips which can help you get through this situation.

First of all, you should create a schedule and follow it regularly. Also, share your schedule with your boss and colleagues so that they can be aware when you will be able to attend calls and meetings. You can utilize the nap time of your kid for the work which needs complete concentration and attention. This will help you work effectively even when you are at home.

The second most important thing for you is to give more and more time to your kid so that you can bond more with your child and know your kid better. At least this is the benefit of this quarantine period that you can utilize in a positive way. Your child will be more understanding if he/she gets your attention.

Create a home-office. This will help you be more productive and give attention to work too. If you have important meetings that should not be disturbed, then you can use this place and give your child an idea not to disturb.

If your partner is also working from home then split the schedule. This will help you more and also your children will get more time of attention. You can use many other creative ways to keep your child busy during your working hours. Also, you should use more time to play with your children and teach them new games which inculcate fun learnings. It will also help your children to stay more active and happier.

Except for nap time, you can engage your child in some activities which need very little attention from you so that you can focus on your office work at that time. You can utilize these activities for the development of your kid. As there is no school, you can use this time for engaging your child in focusing on math subjects as this can increase your child’s brain development. You can enroll your children in an online math program so that they can stay busy and get in the habit of studying like school time.

UCMAS, the World leader in Abacus math education, is offering online math course for children aged 5-13 years. This Abacus math program for kids will help your child to increase their brainpower and it will be very helpful in the long term. Through this abacus classes online, your child will learn and develop mental math skills, helping him/her ace in numbers and calculations. UCMAS is one of the best options for online classes as your child will get personal attention and he will be able to learn different mathematical skills using Abacus from scratch.