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Combating Summer Slides
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Math grades are declining across Canada… A must-read for parents!
There has been a growing concern among parents, teachers, and policy-makers about the fall in math grades of children across several regions of Canada. Debates are flaring with arguments that revolve around the new discovery-based curriculum being the reason for...
Posted in: Mathematics
Can UCMAS Help Children Ace in Extra-curricular Activities? Here’s your answer.
  Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of education and holistic development of a child. Children learn self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, and social skills with activities like music, singing, sports, debate, drama, dance and even social services, to name a few....
Posted in: Mathematics
Abacus Math Program & Academic Performance – How are they related?
Human intelligence, ability to solve problems or make something which is valued in culture, is largely affected by external environment. The human brain could be 99% developed by the age of 10. So, every child has a chance to increase...
Posted in: Mathematics
Research Done on Impact of Abacus Training on Children
Seeing children as avid Abacus math users in action is a sight to behold. Their hands perform arithmetic operations quicker than anyone using an electronic calculator. Abacus, an ancient calculating device has drawn attention of educationists and scientists equally. The...
Posted in: Child Development
Do You Know How Adversely Impactful Summer Slide Can Be?
  As summer steps in, children start getting up late each day. Though it is a relief for parents and children as there are no school sessions, many children are not engaged into learning activities and hence tend to forget...
Posted in: Child Development
25 Reasons Why You Should be Proud to be Canadian!!
  Canada, we are head-over-heels in love with you! You’re our home, our nation and we are super-duper proud to be called Canadians. You help us imbibe and exercise values that truly make us warm, hospitable and loving. While we...
Posted in: UCMAS
Competitions are crucial for a child’s development. Here’s why!
Participating in any competition is a great opportunity for children to challenge their skills and learn beyond what they already know. Competitions allow them to showcase their abilities to a wider audience, which is a great self-confidence booster; a much-needed...
Posted in: Mathematics
Why buying a franchise is the best way to start your own business?
Why buying a franchise is the best way to start your own business? Owning a business is a dream for many. They are attracted by the freedom and opportunities that don’t come with a 9 to 5 job. Yet most...
Posted in: Franchise
Get Rid of Calculators – the weapon of math destruction! Go for Mental Math…
Here’s why every child should attend mental math classes and develop their brain capabilities Many of us think why children shouldn’t make use of gadgets like calculator and solve math problems easily, rather than solve it on their own. Makes...
Posted in: Mathematics
Can brain development programs give a much-needed boost to stagnating math grades of children in Canada?
Children have all the ammunition when it comes to conquering math. Be it calculators or protractors, children’s bags are brimming with means to improve their performance in math. However, falling grades in several regions of Canada have ignited the debate...
Posted in: Mathematics