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summer workshop 2024

Math may not be scare your child anymore! Here’s how…

Halloween is just around the corner. Children dressed in spooky clothes will move in the neighborhood asking for Trick or...
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Mathematics Parenting

Math grades are declining across Canada… A must-read for parents!

There has been a growing concern among parents, teachers, and policy-makers about the fall in math grades of children across...
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Mathematics UCMAS

Can UCMAS Help Children Ace in Extra-curricular Activities? Here’s your answer.

  Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of education and holistic development of a child. Children learn self-discipline, teamwork, leadership,...
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Abacus Math Program & Academic Performance – How are they related?

Human intelligence, ability to solve problems or make something which is valued in culture, is largely affected by external environment....
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Child Development Mathematics

Research Done on Impact of Abacus Training on Children

Seeing children as avid Abacus math users in action is a sight to behold. Their hands perform arithmetic operations quicker...
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Child Development

Do You Know How Adversely Impactful Summer Slide Can Be?

  As summer steps in, children start getting up late each day. Though it is a relief for parents and...
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