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Insights On How Mental Math Can be a Holistic Brain Development Program For Your Child!

Although many individuals have heard the term “mental math,” few are actually familiar with what it means. In other words, it’s when adults or youngsters do math in their thoughts without the use of a pen and paper. 

Children today are quite afraid of math, but they need to realize that math is something that they will be exposed to every day of the year, 365 days a year. They will always be forced to use basic math, regardless of whether they choose an engineering degree or a career in a business-related profession. 

In order for their children to not only “like” but “love” math, parents must start exposing them to it at a young age. When children continue their academic careers, parents may occasionally struggle to solve math problems since even they may have forgotten basic applications of math!

So, in order to get them equipped with math from a young age, mental math tutoring will help them learn how to carry out calculations at a faster speed. Mental math does not only help your child with faster calculations but also helps them in their brain development. 

A brain development program, also known as a cognitive development program, is a structured set of activities or interventions designed to stimulate and enhance the development of a child’s brain. These programs typically focus on promoting various cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills during the critical periods of brain development in early childhood.

Brain development programs often incorporate age-appropriate activities that engage children in stimulating experiences and encourage them to explore and learn. These programs can be implemented in various settings, such as preschools, daycare centers, community centers, or even at home with parental guidance.

We at UCMAS, help your child do mental math not only for faster calculations but also to develop their brain in the best way possible!

The Mental Math program at UCMAS will help your child in the following way!!

  1. Improve Cognitive Abilities: Engaging in mental math exercises helps children develop their cognitive skills, including attention, concentration, and memory. Regular practice of mental calculations stimulates the brain, leading to increased neural connections and improved overall cognitive function.
  1. Enhance Problem-Solving Skills: Mental math requires children to think critically and solve problems quickly without relying heavily on external tools like calculators or pen and paper. This process strengthens their problem-solving abilities and trains them to approach mathematical challenges with analytical and creative thinking.
  1. Increase Mental Agility: Mental math exercises encourage children to think on their feet and make rapid calculations mentally. This enhances their mental agility and trains them to think quickly and accurately, allowing them to process information faster in various situations beyond mathematics.
  1. Strengthen Number Sense: Developing a strong number sense is crucial for mathematical proficiency. Mental math exercises help children understand the relationship between numbers, operations and numerical patterns. This deepened number sense improves their mathematical intuition, making it easier for them to perform complex calculations and grasp mathematical concepts more effectively.
  1. Boost Self-Confidence: As children practice mental math and witness their improvement over time, they gain confidence in their mathematical abilities. This increased self-assurance extends beyond mathematics and positively impacts their overall attitude toward problem-solving, critical thinking, and learning in general. Building confidence in their mathematical skills early on can have a lasting positive effect on their academic performance and future pursuits.

UCMAS Canada is dedicated to helping your children develop their mental math skills. Our afterschool abacus math tutoring program is designed to help children learn how to think quickly and accurately, allowing them to solve math equations without having to rely on calculators or other tools. This helps children experience holistic brain development and strengthen their problem-solving skills, making them more independent and capable of handling difficult tasks. Furthermore, UCMAS’s mental math program can also help build confidence in the classroom as well as in everyday life. With proper practice and guidance, your child can become an expert in solving problems with abacus mental math!