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Thank you so much for all your help with Lisey's journey at UCMAS Richmond. I appreciate how much work it takes for your family to do this on all of our children's behalf and I'm delighted that my daughter is part of your school. Her performance was beyond any of our expectations. Thank you all so very much.
Augusto and Desiree (student Annelise ; age 8 ; St. Paul’s school)

Thank you, the teachers at UCMAS Richmond, for your fierce dedication and commitment towards your students. It's absolutely amazing to watch how these kids progress, what they can do in a short amount of time and at such young ages, too! You have been nothing but supportive, giving frequent praise, encouragement, and constructive criticism when due. I thank you especially for those many extra practice sessions, free of charge, that you have offered your students during competition time. This only shows how passionate and dedicated you all are about your students being able to achieve what they have been able to achieve thus far. Your small and friendly classes have created an environment where the students actually enjoy coming to UCMAS Richmond to study abacus. Thank you for all your time, energy, hard work, and the planning that you put into each and every class. The students at UCMAS Richmond are super lucky to have you as teachers.

Grace & Djuro (student Petra; age 8 ; St Paul’s school)

I, Sukhjinder Kainth, father of Jessica Kainth want to thank UCMAS from the core of my heart I have a little story to tell u and the all UCMAS team that three weeks ago me and my daughter went to Fortinos Grocery store to do some groceries in Brampton Springdale while I was doing groceries my daughter just pointed me towards a guy giving out chips juice and snacks to the kids in the store I was in a hurry but she said want the same as other kids have then she just walk to that guy and ask for the chips and juice the guy said she can get it only if she will solve some math equations and she said ok let’s do it my daughter kept on solving every single math sum the guy was giving out to her she was unstoppable she got 3 juices 4 pack of chips and 4 pack of candies she was not stopping then that guy said what r u she said I’m Jessica Kainth from UCMAS cant u see on my T Shirt I’m not going to stop until I’ve won everything you have on your table and everyone around my daughter was surprised to see how confident she was everyone was cheering for my daughter kids and their parents and everyone around that table and was asking her what grade u r in which school u go to she said UCMAS then that guy said u not gone stop I’m surprised it’s not simple math you r doing so fast. I thank u have won enough. Please stop now let other kids get their chance. Only then she stopped she was very happy she said dad look what I did n I give her a big hug I said I’m proud of u I love u I love UCMAS.

Sukhjinder Kainth Brampton, ON

I wanted to extend my appreciation to you for mentoring my kids. Since joining UCMAS, there is a definite improvement in their ability to handle numbers. Also, I like how you understand my kids’ individuality and help them build confidence. Needless to say, my kids absolutely enjoy UCMAS. Thank you for taking care of my kids in this magical world of numbers.

Sonia Kumar, Brampton ON

I was a part of one of the first classes of UCMAS. I started at the age of 13 and now you won’t believe it but I am 21. Before I started UCMAS I wasn’t very fond of math at all and I thought it was boring and tedious. After I started and progressed through UCMAS I enjoyed math much more and through high school I excelled in math.
Now I am studying Actuarial Science (a math-based program) at the University of Waterloo. So you know I love math. And mental math actually becomes useful in everyday tasks. I am currently on co-op working with American Express and I use mental math to keep track of numbers for analysis work. Even at University, calculating the average in statistics I don’t use the calculator, I use mental math.
UCMAS didn’t just help me in math alone but it helped me manage my time. I had to make sure to keep up with the other students, I had less time because I was older, I worked, I was involved in many school teams and obviously homework from school. UCMAS showed me that dedication will get you through anything. UCMAS has helped in many ways but those were just a couple that stuck out in my mind. 

I would like to thank my instructors and centre managers, Anton, Lucia, and Suren, for pushing me through and motivating me. I would also like to thank everyone who worked to bring UCMAS to Ontario. All in all UCMAS was an amazing experience and it changed my view on mathematics.

Amarajith Balasubramaniam, Scarborough, ON

Our family has been very pleased with the UCMAS program and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other parents considering additional math instruction to complement their children’s in-school programs. It has helped our children’s concentration, cognitive ability and confidence. We have seen demonstrable improvement in their math results at school. The high calibre of children attending the school has caused our children to raise their effort level but in a healthy form of competition. What differentiates this program from others is the phenomenal teachers….they are simply outstanding! They have the children’s best interest at heart and they recognize that every child learns differently and at varying paces. To accommodate their needs, these teachers adjust their teaching methods and techniques to each child’s individual learning style. Most importantly, they make the classes fun and entertaining. UCMAS is more than a mental math class, UCMAS is the foundation of learning. We truly believe that the skills our children have acquired from this comprehensive program have enriched their education and will be beneficial for their learning skills as they continue their schooling.

Rosemarie & Paul Calder, Oakville, ON
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