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I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all the people behind UCMAS who have been working so hard to invest into the future of this country. It is important to support such programs, as they support, shape and develop our future - our children. I believe, the government should even exempt UCMAS & similar programs from paying any taxes, as what they do benefits the world we live in.

I would like to thank the owners of the UCMAS Ottawa for their dedication, care, professionalism and organization of the program. Our kids just started the program and we can already see the difference. Thank you for running this program the way the school should be. It is obvious that you care about the results and the outcome. Your dedication is second to none. Thank you!

Karen Khachaturov (Father of Ani and Christina)

As a parent, it's very hard to convince your child to start taking additional classes after their regular school schedule to improve their education level. The moment I met Mrs. Ghosh, I realized that it was not going to be an issue at all. She is amazing and has a different approach to working with kids and getting them to really study and do the required work throughout her class. It's not the typical structure that makes learning boring for kids. She has set-up an educational, and open environment for kids to feel very comfortable and confident. More importantly, it makes kids want to be there to learn, it’s all just fun. Mrs. Ghosh has set-up a very structured and detailed plan to increase my kids potential to succeed in the final test with good scores.

I highly recommend Mrs. Ghosh UCMAS centre in the Brampton area. Mrs. Ghosh finds where a kid needs improvement and spends extra time on that area. We live in Brampton and we recommended her to so many families. She is doing an excellent job with the kids. UCMAS has been a great benefit in my kids thinking abilities, UCMAS not only helps my kids with solving math problems, it also helps improve education level and other areas that need fast memory.

I am very satisfied with the UCMAS mental math program. It starts with fundamentals and lays down a path for better learning potentials for kids towards a successful future.

Ayman El-Faramawy Parent of Nour and Amr (BRAMPTON)

I am very happy with the dedication of the teachers and hard work of the Ottawa school owners; they are committed to success.
I equate my UCMAS experience to that of teaching my kids to ride a bike; without training wheels, at first it is wobbly. Learning the formulas is slow and steady. With practice, accuracy and speed increase, just like riding a bike and the child even forgets their beginning days.

I have to stop my 6 year old son from doing too much math. Just like I have to stop my 8 year old from reading too much. These are actually blessings and not problems. UCMAS Ottawa gives families blessings and gifts.. And everyone can admit, the gigantic medals, huge trophies-- hard earned if course-- delight everyone! Thank you UCMAS Ottawa.

Kerrie Goodwin (Mother of Sadie and Jude, UCMAS Ottawa)

"Our child joined UCMAS program in 2014. Our primary focus was to improve our child's ability to focus and leverage memory especially in a distract environment. We must say, we have successfully accomplished both. The most amazing part of this program is that it helped shape our child to perform mental calculation while applying full concentration which has benefited in many other subjects including reading. We'd like to thank Vidhya and her team for their professionalism, support and commitment to giving our child a lifelong crucial skill."

Jaspreet Soor (Mother of Kiran, UCMAS Ottawa)

It's been 3 years my daughter is in the UCMAS program. Words cannot describe how UCMAS has impacted her ability to focus, to concentrate, and not to mention how much her confidence has improved since day one. Last year she won the Citywide championship trophy in her class and finished 5th nationwide. This year her goal is to win the Ottawa championship and the national championship as well.
I think of it as my daughter using her brain competitively; a talent I'm confident will transfer and permeate well into adulthood.

Mark Granada (Father of Olivia and Owen, UCMAS Ottawa)
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