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REVEALED: The Best New Year Gift for Children
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REVEALED: The Best New Year Gift for Children
From Marvel superhero mini-figures, Barbie merchandise, unicorn sets, and LEGO kits to comic books, soft toys, play-doh set, and more, there are a plethora of options available when it comes to selecting the festive season gift for your kids. All...
Posted in: Child Development
Research Done on Impact of Abacus Training on Children
Seeing children as avid Abacus math users in action is a sight to behold. Their hands perform arithmetic operations quicker than anyone using an electronic calculator. Abacus, an ancient calculating device has drawn attention of educationists and scientists equally. The...
Posted in: Child Development
Do You Know How Adversely Impactful Summer Slide Can Be?
  As summer steps in, children start getting up late each day. Though it is a relief for parents and children as there are no school sessions, many children are not engaged into learning activities and hence tend to forget...
Posted in: Child Development
Trends that will shape early childhood education in 2019
Gone are the days of traditional education where students were only taught from books. The ever-changing landscape of early age education has given rise to much better & practical concepts that result in the development of students at a young...
Posted in: Child Development
How can Mental Math contribute to your child’s lifelong success?
Mental math is an ancient technique for calculation and offers significant benefits to its practitioner. It eliminates the use of paper, calculators, abacus, and other calculating devices, therefore, developing a reliance on mental calculations as the primary source of finding...
Posted in: Child Development
Staycation or Vacation, Summers are a time for learning and growth for your child!
Summer vacation is the most exciting time of the year for children. It is some free time for them to have fun and explore the world outside of the classrooms. Even though it is important to play around and take...
Posted in: Child Development
Your Child’s Sweet Affair may prove to be Fatal!
Led by all the major global health organizations, 14th November is observed as ‘World Diabetes Day’ in order to draw attention towards the rampant spread of diabetes. According to World Health Organization, diabetes is ranked 6th in top 10 causes...
Posted in: Child Development
5 Ways to Kindle the Value of Gratitude in Children on Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day comes with food, family, friends, and fiesta. It brings a great time to celebrate and make new memories, while also reminisce cherished times with our loved ones. Thanksgiving marks the one holiday of the year that gives us...
Posted in: Child Development
Combating Summer Slides
Every year with the approach of summer comes along a break from school, studies and activities. It’s during this period of time that children experience some amount of learning loss when they do not engage in any activities. This is...
Posted in: Child Development
An Open Letter to All the Wonderful Mothers Out There
As Mother's Day is around the corner, there is no better way than expressing in words, of how important a role of a mother is to every child. Their love is unconditional and priceless. From the very first day of...
Posted in: Child Development