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Research Done on Impact of Abacus Training on Children
Research Done on Impact of Abacus Training on Children
Seeing children as avid Abacus math users in action is a sight to behold. Their hands perform arithmetic operations quicker than anyone using an electronic calculator. Abacus, an ancient calculating device has drawn attention of educationists and scientists equally. The...
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Do You Know How Adversely Impactful Summer Slide Can Be?
  As summer steps in, children start getting up late each day. Though it is a relief for parents and children as there are no school sessions, many children are not engaged into learning activities and hence tend to forget...
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Can brain development programs give a much-needed boost to stagnating math grades of children in Canada?
Children have all the ammunition when it comes to conquering math. Be it calculators or protractors, children’s bags are brimming with means to improve their performance in math. However, falling grades in several regions of Canada have ignited the debate...
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Unwrapping the gift of intelligence with the holistic brain development approach
Did you know that the experiences during the initial years of a child’s life play an integral role in brain development? It is because by the age of 5, the brain grows to nearly 90% and neural connections responsible for...
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How can Mental Math contribute to your child’s lifelong success?
Mental math is an ancient technique for calculation and offers significant benefits to its practitioner. It eliminates the use of paper, calculators, abacus, and other calculating devices, therefore, developing a reliance on mental calculations as the primary source of finding...
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