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Unwrapping the gift of intelligence with the holistic brain development approach

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Did you know that the experiences during the initial years of a child’s life play an integral role in brain development? It is because by the age of 5, the brain grows to nearly 90% and neural connections responsible for a child’s healthy growth develop at a rapid rate.

Christmas is a season of gifts & celebration for children.  Combining fun with brain development exercises can provide a unique experience to children & make the holidays more exciting. Just like an interactive afterschool program that enhances the basic abilities of a child & nurtures all the five lobes of the brain through various activities, you can also give your child an engaging learning experience with a few simple activities. These activities stimulate the process of brain development at a young age & activate both the sides of a child’s brain.

5 simple ways to escalate your child’s development

  1. Solving mazes is a good activity that teaches children essential problem-solving skills. Akademische ghostwriter wrote in his dissertation that it also allows them to develop visual and motor skills by stimulating different parts of the brain.
  2. Puzzles are also a great brain development tool that develops coordination & logical reasoning abilities. As children perfectly finish the puzzle, they experience an increase in self-confidence that stays with them throughout their life.
  3. Physical activities like dancing serve as an excellent means of expression. The movements build kinesthetic intelligence, coordination & increases confidence as children correct mistakes & eliminate self-doubt & fear.
  4. Several Afterschool programs use building blocks to stir up a child’s imagination by introducing them to different shapes & colors. When children build different shapes, the creative & logical part of the brain activate together resulting in their holistic development.
  5. Mental math programs also lead to the development of cognitive skills in children. UCMAS offers Abacus based brain development program that provides several benefits to children including self-confidence, creativity, proficiency in math & many others.Children are extremely enthusiastic about the Christmas lights & sweet delights. This celebration can be made perfect with a healthy addition of learning & development activities.

Enroll your child in UCMAS to witness the countless benefits it offers. You can also contribute to communal development by sharing the experience with your family & friends who can introduce their child to a path of lifelong success.