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Surprising Ways Math can Help Your Kids | UCMAS Canada
Surprising Ways Math can Help Your Kids | UCMAS Canada
While it may be easier for a small group of children to perform Math calculations confidently, most of the children find it very difficult. After school programs offering Abacus mental math course is one of the best ways to improve...
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Super 7 Ways to Develop Child’s Interest in Math | UCMAS Canada
Children often struggle to understand the concepts of Mathematics, making it difficult for them to be successful in the subject and overall academics. Sometimes, this struggle in the subject discourages children from pursuing advanced courses and learning other subjects successfully....
Posted in: Mathematics
Abacus Math Program & Academic Performance – How are they related?
Human intelligence, ability to solve problems or make something which is valued in culture, is largely affected by external environment. The human brain could be 99% developed by the age of 10. So, every child has a chance to increase...
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