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World’s Leading After School Math Program

Children in their early years need that extra nourishment and touch of care in the form of after school programs. These programs are designed in a way that they go above and beyond to teach them all those essential skills that the school doesn’t.

UCMAS is one such after school math program which in all its true essence teaches children how to fall in love with ‘Math’. But it just doesn’t stop there. It goes a step further and teaches children ‘Mental Math’ i.e to be able to calculate mentally without ever needing or requiring a calculator in life.

How does UCMAS do that?

UCMAS uses ‘Abacus’- a mathematical tool to teach the children the value of numbers on the beads of Abacus, and how those beads are moved to get the answers to their problems using the provided formulas.

How does that transform into Mental Math?

Once children have their complete grasps on the ‘Abacus’ and all the formulas, they are asked to imagine the same abacus in their mind and move their fingers in the air to solve a problem just like they would on the abacus.

It sure isn’t easy in the first try, which is why students are made to practice day in and out until they can keep the image of the abacus in their mind and actually solve smaller calculations before moving onto the bigger ones.

What happens after children are able to calculate mentally?

When children have got the hang of the ‘Mental Math’, their math problems become longer and complicated to intensify their practice. This trains them to use their mind quickly and accurately developing a keen sense of focus and attention.

In what all aspects, does UCMAS help children?

To begin with, UCMAS is of great help in the academics. It increases children’s confidence and math skills making them self-assured about their grasp on other subjects which leads them to do better.

It also helps in life as after coming out of UCMAS program, there is a sense of discipline in children which comes only after you have worked hard to achieve something, which they sure do.

When is the right age to enrol your child in UCMAS?

It is believed that from ages 5-13 are considered to be the best years to enrol your child in our UCMAS program. It might look early to you, but children’s minds start developing quite early and quickly. They are like sponges in their early years ready to absorb everything they come in contact with so it’s the perfect time to get them acquainted with our program as it will be easier to mould them in a way where they are all set to take on their future.

Doesn’t it sound like the dream program? Then, what are you waiting for? Get on a new tab and rush to our website for more information on how we can make your and your child’s life better!