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Canada’s Favorite Mental Math Program

Canada’s Favorite Mental Math Program

You might have come across many programs and academies during your search for the best math program for your kids. Math is such an essential subject that the need to get it loved by your children has made all the parents rush into a frenzy to get their children enrolled in the very first program they find.

But, before doing all that, you need to think why you want to get your child enrolled in a Math program in the first place, because if it’s just to improve their grades, any program can do that. But if you really want to see a difference in your child not just in terms of their Math proficiency but seeing them develop holistically, then UCMAS Mental Math program is the one you are looking for.

The UCMAS Abacus Math program is specially curated to inculcate a love for learning in children. The program starts with tactile learning and teaches children to gradually visualize beads & calculate in their brains. The children also learn to use 6- fingers on the abacus that stimulates distinct acupoints on the fingertips, which augments their cognitive skills.

How is Abacus used to teach Mental Math?

Abacus is an ancient mathematical tool that was founded long before calculators and is still in use in some parts of the world. Abacus might appear in different colors or a slight change in the pattern regarding the placement or the number of beads, but they all essentially do the same thing- make math easy!

Abacus is divided into two sections by a divider which makes 4 beads on the rod below the divider and 1 bead on the rod above the divider.

  • Now, the 1 bead on the rod above the divider is of ‘5’ value.
  • And, the 4 beads on the rod below the divider is of ‘1’ value each.
  • The central rod represents ‘The Unit’s Place’
  • The rod on the left of the central rod represents ‘The Ten’s Place’
  • The rod on the left of the ‘Ten’s Rod’ represents ‘The Hundred’s Place’ and so on.

In this format, the rod goes on to be thousands and ten thousands and more. So the beads on the respective above rods go from 5 to 50 to 500 to 5000 to 50000 and so on; and the beads on the respective below rods go from 1 to 10 to 100 to 1000 to 10000 and so on. Together, the 4 below beads will go from 4 to 40 to 400 to 4000 to 40000 and so on.

Use of Formulas

Once, children have grasped the basic understanding of the abacus, they are then taught the formulas to add and subtract the number on the beads. They begin with the addition and subtraction of one digit numbers and gradually move on to two digit and three digit numbers.

Mental Math

Once children have mastered the calculation of numbers on the abacus, they are then asked to imagine the abacus in their minds, and calculate numbers my moving the imaginary beads in their minds.

The mental math calculation again begins with one digit followed by two and then three digits.
And just like that, your child has become the Master of Math who can add, subtract, multiply and divide as many numbers as they can mentally without even having to lift a finger.

UCMAS is indeed a magical math program! So, if you too want your child to see develop in all areas of life then getting them enrolled in UCMAS is your best bet! We promise to make you see the difference in your child that will go on to stay with them forever.

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