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<strong>The Numbers Don’t Lie: Ontario is Failing at Math and We Need to Find a Way to Stop It!</strong>
The Numbers Don’t Lie: Ontario is Failing at Math and We Need to Find a Way to Stop It!
Divide, subtract, add, multiply: however, you want to calculate it, Ontario is heading in one direction when it comes to the EQAO math rankings – downwards. The EQAO test data show that Ontario’s student outcomes are similar to those jurisdictions,...
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The Education Sector: A  Recession-Resistant Enterprise for You
It is said that if you know the problem, half the battle is won! Now we know that the world is going to face the problem of recession, how are you preparing for it? Central banks across the globe have...
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Get Rid of Calculators – the weapon of math destruction! Go for Mental Math…
Here’s why every child should attend mental math classes and develop their brain capabilities Many of us think why children shouldn’t make use of gadgets like calculator and solve math problems easily, rather than solve it on their own. Makes...
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Light up the math-o-lantern & shoo away the math fear
Halloween is just around the corner. Children are all psyched up for trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Traditional activities, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, corn mazes & the autumn festival excite & prepare children to face every fear they encounter in life....
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