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Get Rid of Calculators – the weapon of math destruction! Go for Mental Math…

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Here’s why every child should attend mental math classes and develop their brain capabilities
Many of us think why children shouldn’t make use of gadgets like calculator and solve math problems easily, rather than solve it on their own. Makes sense, right? However, if you delve deep and look into the benefits of the doing calculations mentally rather than with a calculator, you’ll realize its importance and how it can do wonders for children. Here are the five great reasons for children to go for mental math programs.

1. Children can be faster than a calculator
It would be hard to believe but children, when equipped with right skills, can solve a math problem quickly than a calculator. While using a calculator, they need to pull out the device, tap in the numbers and then get the answer. In mental math calculations, they just have to listen numbers and let their brain process the calculation, which have been proven to be faster than a calculator. Mental math programs train children in a way that they can do addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, square root and other arithmetic operations at lightning speed.

2. Mental math can help children with real-world estimates
It’s an undeniable fact that we rely on mental computation more on everyday basis. Here are some real-world examples that demand children to make use of mental math & computation throughout their day.

  • Cross checking the itemized grocery bill during a supermarket visit
  • Estimating time required to reach a certain place
  • Calculating total money saved in a piggy bank without any help
  • Estimating the value of discount percentages while buying their favorite toy
  • Estimating amount of ingredients required while helping mother to cook

These are just the basic examples and the benefits of mental math go beyond arithmetic calculations. Mental math classes help children develop their holistic brain capabilities.

3. Stimulates brain development
Everyone is aware and keen of improving physical fitness. But hardly you find people who look to improve their brain fitness. Our brains, especially during early critical years ranging from 0 to 6 years, have an amazing capacity to change and grow when regularly challenged with activities like mental math. Mental math classes help children develop their ‘brain fitness’ as they train them to quickly and accurately solve a variety of arithmetic problems, which demand stimulation of their brain and escalating its development.
To know more about how mental math helps develop brain capabilities, check out this page.

4. Develops fluency
A research on mental math has shown fluency in mental math calculations is similar to being fluent in another language. Fluency in language means no looking up in dictionary, contextual meaning and the conversations become more meaningful. Similarly, fluency attained by children through mental math programs ensure that even complex math problems become easy and they develop affinity towards math.

5. Boosts self-confidence

When children attain mental math fluency and can easily solve problems where other children struggle, is a real confidence booster. They become sharp, accurate and their confidence in math gets reflected in other subjects as well, which leads to overall academic excellence.

Since 25 years, UCMAS has successfully trained more than 3 million children globally in mental math. With its unique Abacus technique, UCMAS helps develop brain capabilities as well as visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses, making learning easy and exciting for them. To know more about UCMAS and its mental math program, visit this page.



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