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Are You Happy & Satisfied with Your Present Professional Career?
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Are You Happy & Satisfied with Your Present Professional Career?

Know how UCMAS education franchise can help you develop a happy and rewarding professional career. UCMAS is considered as a top franchise opportunity in Canada.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought a new normal in our lives for time-being. While we are staying indoors with our loved ones, it has given us an amazing opportunity to sit back and think where we are heading in our professional lives. Is the path deviating from what you always wanted to be or you are exactly where you want to be. Read below and check out.

1)Let’s time travel!

While you sit back in the comfiest pajamas sipping your favorite coffee, imagine yourself as the most successful and accomplished future self in the next 20 years. Jot down your thoughts. Now travel back in reverse 10 years. To achieve your goal at 20 years, think where you should be at 10 years time. Continue jotting your thoughts. Similarly, go back 5 years, 2 and a half years and one year from today.

You may want to own your private yacht and sail in the Caribbean islands. That’s a goal. But to achieve that, break down your goals vis-à-vis years and have it marked in stone what you need to accomplish after a year, 2.5 years and till 20 years.

It might sound obsessive and too-much planning at this point surely. But the idea is to get into a habit of translating your future goals, no matter how far, into small actionable items you can today that gets you closer. It is about propelling in the right direction with the right efforts at the right time.

2)Ask yourself – ‘Who am I?