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Mental Math: Your after-school program need not be humdrum!


Why go mainstream when you can go counterculture? Make the switch to UCMAS today!

The support for the after school programs is overwhelming and the demand is ever so increasing. They are beneficial and effective for every child as it helps them with both academic and non-academic activities. It has been reported that around 80% of students are more engaged in activities outside the school. The skills and habits that they adapt at this tender age is what makes them develop as an adult.

  • Exposure to All Things New

Experts believe that participating in extracurricular activities helps in child development and releases their inner talents. It also shows that youths who frequently participate in other activities are more likely to be proactive in school activities as well. Mental Math is one such activity that is both fun and challenging. Apart from increasing a child’s concentration power, it also sharpens the brain and develops quick thinking skills in the child from quite an early stage.

  • Aids in Building Personality

Extra curricular activities educates children the value of teamwork. By working and engaging with others outside the school, they begin to learn self improvisation, sharing of ideas, and supporting each other.  These activities also help children pick up leadership skills, healthy living habits and moral values. Time management is a crucial aspect of Mental Maths, and by taking it up, you also develop this essential life skill for the long run.

  • Everyone is Welcomed Here

Another important factor that makes after-school activity so important is building relationships. They create an ideal environment which is gratifying to children enabling them to engage with new people, make friends, develop social skills and confidence. Trying new topics and learning different things together makes it easier for children to discover their passion.

  • Boosts Academic Engagement

Activities like Mental Math which helps in developing a child’s maths skills by reducing the calculation time by more than half, gives him the confidence to use those very skills in his academic activities as well. A good after-school program such as this one can turn aimless hours into meaningful learning especially when your child can work faster than a calculator.

  • Overall Development

After-school programs can really help to provide a direction,  advance your social network, aid in academic success and create a bright future. It promotes young people’s social and emotional intelligence.

There are an assortment of after-school activities for children to choose from. Let them pick something that they would enjoy doing the most because at the end of the day it’s their happiness that matters the most. But if you’re looking to see some extraordinary skills, then UCMAS – Mental Math is the one for your child. It is the only activity that will last with you for lifetime, and will come in handy in all walks of your life. Once learned, you never forget UCMAS.