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Math may not be scare your child anymore! Here’s how…

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Halloween is just around the corner. Children dressed in spooky clothes will move in the neighborhood asking for Trick or Treat. While children try and scare with us their monstrous avatars, as a parent, we should know what scares them in reality. Are they harboring any anxieties that limit their growth?

If your child has ever said “I cannot do math”, “I don’t remember math formulas” or even “math is so boring”, you should consider it as early signs of anxiety towards math subject. As a parent, you should identify your child’s approach towards Math and take corrective measures if required.

Math proficiency is not just limited to solving calculations as the subject is known to develop critical cognitive skills like logic, reasoning, problem-solving, judgment, application and more. These skills are applicable to other subjects as well. So, if your child does not like math, chances are he/she will not develop critical cognitive skills during the early years.

How can parents address this issue of children not liking math? The answer lies in Abacus mental math training. Here’s how Abacus math programs for kids can help.

  • Abacus math classes use interesting training methods and familiarize children with numbers and calculations in more engaging ways. This improves their approach towards math and its skills.
  • Right Abacus math programs for kids strengthen the brainpower of a child. While practicing, they touch the beads of Abacus and activate both sides of the brain.
  • Experienced and skilled Abacus trainers help remove any math-related anxieties by individually addressing a child’s concerns.
  • Activities like flashcards, listening, speed writing, jumble dictation, LRW (listen, recall and write) develop a child’s ability to learn quickly and more effectively, be it math or any other subject.
  • Abacus mental math training also enhances key cognitive skills like focus, memory, observation, reasoning, and logic, which children can apply in math and other subjects.
  • Improved math skills lead to better grades in math as well as other academic subjects, leading to an increase in their self-confidence.

Halloween is a great time for helping children overcome their math and number related anxieties. The extra advantage of Abacus training is that it develops brain capabilities while strengthening math skills.

UCMAS is a globally trusted Abacus menta math program for children aged 5-13 years. Help your child get the first-hand experience of Abacus training by attending a ‘Free Trial Class’. Call: 1877-UCMAS-90 to register now.