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Make Your Child A Math Prodigy With Abacus Mental Math Program

Want your child to stop using calculators? Here’s how you can do that!

In this tech savvy world, we are quite dependent on technology to do things that could very well be done by us. This has not only led to us losing the ‘human touch’ to doing things but we are also becoming lazy day by day. Sure, technology has made our lives comfortable, but what are we going to do when one day everything stops?

What if your mobile phone stopped working? What if you don’t have a calculator to do the much needed calculations? What if you have to do some urgent transaction but couldn’t because there was no way for you to calculate the figures? What if? There are so many ‘What ifs’ that I’m sure you don’t have the answer to, but we do!

Yes, we can make your life easier by teaching your child such an essential life skill that they need not be dependent on calculator or any technological device to get their calculations done. You’re surprised, aren’t you? So are many parents when they come across our unique abacus-based mental math program that makes use of ‘Abacus’ to teach ‘Mental Math’ to children in a fun and unique way.

What is the Abacus Math Program all about?

This unique math program is curated to make children fall in love with math. Not only that, the whole process through which they learn how to be able to calculate mentally, activates both their creative and logical sides of the brain.

How is the program started?

The program begins with tactile learning where children are first taught to get themselves familiar with the abacus. They are then taught the value of each bead and what they represent. Next comes the formulas for different types of calculations.

Once the children have mastered their hand at abacus and learnt all the formulas, they are then taught to gradually visualize beads and calculate in their brains. To be able to completely master this technique of visualizing, it requires dedication, concentration, will power and a lot of practice.

How does it all make sense in the real world?

When children learn to be able to do math mentally, it instils a different sense of confidence in them that eliminates their fear of math and makes them fall in love with numbers. As the program progresses, they soon become comfortable with numbers and the complex mental calculations that follows.

And before you ask if it helps academically, then yes, it makes a huge difference in your child’s academic career and beyond, and that could be seen in their results. So, why don’t you get in touch to know more about what all the program can do and how it can benefit your child in so many amazing ways.