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Fun Facts About Abacus You Must Know!

Discover riveting facts about abacus that you should know!

The abacus is one of the oldest calculation devices and holds a unique place in mathematical history. Its primary use is to calculate fundamental arithmetic problems. The term “abacus” comes from the Latin word “flat surface.”

A wooden frame, rods, and beads make up this phenomenal device. Each rod symbolizes a particular place value, and each bead a number. These beads are manipulated by moving them along the rods to accomplish calculations. The modern abacus has been proved to be a brain development tool that helps improve children’s mental math ability.

Few Interesting Facts about the Abacus:

1. A horizontal pull at the center of the modern abacus can instantaneously make it read zero.

2. Schoty is the name given to the Russian abacus. It differs from other abacuses in that it does not have decks.

3. The abacus is said to have been originated in China, as the first written record dates back to the second century BC.

4. Tim Cranmer created the Cranmer abacus. Visually Impaired individuals use it to conduct calculations quickly and simply.

5. Most people mix up the counting board with the abacus but both gadgets are extremely distinct.

6. To handle numbers, our current computers employ binary abacus. To read signs, symbols, and numbers, ASCII coding is employed.

7. The Chinese equivalent of an abacus is called a “Suanpan” – (meaning calculating pan).

Is Abacus really helpful?

Abacus is beneficial to a child’s overall development in a variety of ways. This includes exceptional memory skills, rapid learning abilities, increased attention span, superior listening abilities, and increased self-confidence.

Where Abacus based Math is taught?

UCMAS is a world-renowned abacus mental math program for children aged 5-13 years old. The program is structured around abacus to eliminate the fear of math in children. Using abacus beads to understand math concepts makes it quite engaging for children and gives them the ability to adapt distinct learning styles that activates both the creative and logical sides of the brain.

The program begins with tactile-learning and gradually moves on to getting children to visualize beads and calculate in their brains. They also learn the 6-finger technique on the abacus that stimulates distinct points on their fingertips further enhancing their cognitive skills.

It’s a global math program that makes ‘Math’ fun for children, and develop several abilities like concentration, memory, observation, and many more with interactive learning styles. So, if you are looking for a fun, interactive and productive math program for your child, then UCMAS Abacus Math Program is the right choice.