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Merits Of After School Programs For Children

Discover some valuable benefits of afterschool programs

Schools provide much needed care and growth to children but still there are some things that only after school programs can help them with. This extra nourishment is the most important reason why parents prefer these programs for their children.

Effective after school programs also known as brain development programs provide several advantages to adolescents, families, and communities. Afterschool programs can help children, especially working parents’ children, improve their academic performance, minimize dangerous behaviors, increase physical health, and provide a secure &controlled environment.

Children until they are grown up enough to take care of themselves need constant supervision and time. For most families, it’s not possible to do that. This is where these programs come into the picture. They not only enhance children’s lives but also make it easier for parents.

At a Glance

  • Homework assistance from an afterschool program might help prevent issues related to academics at home.
  • Afterschool activities may help children enhance their social skills.
  • Younger children in afterschool programs are less likely to engage in dangerous acts, and steer clear of wrong paths.

An excellent after school program may transform the dreaded after school hours into fruitful learning time. This is a significant advantage, particularly for children who learn and think differently. Here are some of the benefits that a high-quality afterschool program may provide for children.

Benefits of after school Program:

1.Enhances Social Abilities

A good program encourages teamwork, communication, leadership qualities, support, and respect. This might make youngsters feel more comfortable joining a game or striking up a discussion or elaborating their thought process in turn improving their social skills.

2.Sense of Belonging

If the afterschool program is not operated by your school district or a local facility, it may provide an opportunity for your child to meet new people. Being away from school might provide a respite from the regular cliques and social worries.
Children who join afterschool programs are more likely to feel included as a member of a group. This provides them with a sense of belonging and comfort that they might not feel otherwise.

3.Academic assistance

Many afterschool programs offer homework assistance. This can be quite beneficial for children who struggle with school work at home or who are unable to sit down to complete it until it is too late. Getting things done after school can improve both children’s and parents’ evenings.

4.Increases self-assurance

An after school program may feel more forgiving or generous than a school, especially for children who lack confidence or have learning difficulties. Children will be more inclined to explore new things in a safe and secured environment. This, in turn, can result in increased self-esteem.

5.Make learning more enjoyable

Not all after school programs follow- ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. So while choosing the best program for your child, do ensure that they also include the fun aspect in their teachings, because if they don’t, it wouldn’t be any different from school.

These programs are meant to be fun, enjoyable and informative for children to get out of their shell and take an interest in other things besides studies.

There are many academies offering all sorts of programs for your child’s holistic development. UCMAS is one such brain development program that teaches mental math using an age-old device called ‘Abacus’. Your child will not only be able to improve his academics with the help of UCMAS, but will also never need a calculator to do any sort of calculations ever. This is the true power of UCMAS.

So, if you are looking to enrol your child in an effective after school program then UCMAS is your best choice!