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Can UCMAS Help Children Ace in Extra-curricular Activities? Here’s your answer.

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Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of education and holistic development of a child. Children learn self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, and social skills with activities like music, singing, sports, debate, drama, dance and even social services, to name a few. Active participation in such activities trigger the successful process of a child’s holistic development. However, often children who lack confidence, analytical and problem-solving skills and even self-esteem either do not participate in extra-curricular activities or simply do not perform well.

UCMAS Abacus mental math program is known to develop a child’s brain capabilities, which helps them in excelling at academics. However, these enhanced cognitive skills also play a role beyond academics and help a child perform well in extra-curricular activities. Be it focus, problem-solving, logic, application, observation, judgment or reasoning, the benefits of UCMAS Abacus mental math training also act as a great advantage in activities out of a classroom.

  • Sports:

Going for a 3-pointer or passing the ball to a forward in a basketball game is a split-second decision. Whether its basketball, soccer, skateboarding, or baseball, all these outdoor activities demand great focus and quick decision-making. UCMAS students, with their enhanced focus and analytical skills, are able to perform much better in sports than other children.

  • Art & Craft

In humans, the right side of the brain is responsible for creative thinking. While practicing with Abacus, UCMAS students use right and left hand, which are further connected to left and right side of the brain respectively. Such regular practice develops imagination, creativity, expression & color sense in UCMAS students, further helping them to excel in their art & craft activities.

  • Competitions

Competitions like debate, elocution, spelling and several others are regularly organized in schools. Such competitions demand speed, accuracy and great self-confidence from children. UCMAS students, with their enhanced cognitive skills and self-esteem, have better chances to thrive in such competitive environment compared to other children.

  • Music

Learning piano, playing guitar or even singing a song in front of a packed audience, children need to be focused and self-confident in order to excel in music related activities. At UCMAS after school program, students pass through a rigorous training that develops their concentration and learning skills, which can be further helpful in extra-curricular activities related to music.

  • Daily Activities

UCMAS students are globally known as ‘walking calculators’ because of their fast, accurate and excellent math skills as well as sharp brain capabilities. Beyond academics, UCMAS students apply their enhanced skills in day-to-day activities like remembering phone numbers, calculating grocery bill before the salesperson or while simply giving an impromptu speech.

The benefits of UCMAS after school program go well beyond academics and help children develop all-round capabilities, skills and self-confidence to perform in extra-curricular as well as in day-to-day activities.

For more information on UCMAS, call: 1877-UCMAS-90.

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