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3 Benefits of Introducing Your Child to an Abacus Math Program Early On!

Unsure of your child’s math challenges? Find out how an abacus math program can resolve this!

Do you know that a good abacus training program creates a distinctive memory structure that can help to enhance your child’s math skills?

One of the best ways for children to learn is by actively engaging in learning activities, namely touch and feel. Teaching them by tapping into these key receptors helps them learn more easily and retain what they learn. Hence enrolling your children in an abacus mental math program is a great way to help make them comfortable with math.

Abacus for kids’ learning enriches the mathematical, critical, and cognitive aspects of problem-solving. Children that have undergone abacus training tend to be much better prepared for exams and therefore tend to approach math numbers and concepts in a confident and constructive manner, resulting in remarkable improvement and grades.

Here are 3 benefits of enrolling your child in an abacus mental math program:

Sharpens their Overall Math Skill

Do you know that hand-eye coordination skills are also enhanced with the use of an abacus? During the early learning phase, mental abacus techniques are encouraged to sharpen your child’s skills with the final intention of developing an expertise in mental math calculations. This also hones and primes their sensory organs which results in the overall development of your child by developing a photographic memory along with intense visualization techniques which are advanced through rigorous training. Our best students obtain quick and accurate results through these abilities of visual imagery and mental representation which they have developed with us.

Improves their Learning Experience

Most if not all children find it easier to learn if the teaching method is associated with the help of a visual object that they can relate to. Similarly, the abacus which is a cornerstone of science and mathematics shows students how to mentally picture their math problems. This nourishes their brains and promotes analytical ability, memory retention, observations skills and improves concentration span.

Promotes the Use of the Right Hemisphere of the Brain

It is a well-known fact that the left portion of the brain targets logical processing, mathematical functions, sequencing, and terminal processes. The remaining side is what’s trained when children are educated on visualization and creativity. Both the hemispheres of the brain are combined through this learning approach.

Proper brain fitness can be attained through abacus math learning with an astonishing calculation speed as an end result. This not only intensifies your child’s mind but also stimulates his brain and broadens his thought process during his formative years. This deeply enhances your child’s processing power along with the ability to pair concentration to thinking, as well as the ability to think on his feet. Help enhance your child’s academic ability by enrolling him in our UCMAS abacus mental math program today!