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How Abacuses Can Help Your Children Develop Early Math Skills and More!

How Abacuses Can Help Your Children Develop Early Math Skills and More!

Did you know that it is just as natural for young children to think mathematically as it is for them to use language because all humans are born with a fundamental sense of quantity?

Just because your child learns math at school doesn’t mean that they won’t benefit from a structured after school program. Young children are incredibly inquisitive and easily able to grasp the basic principles of math through structured and fun brain development programs.

So, what exactly is an abacus you ask? The abacus is an ancient tool which is split into two sections by a bar, the upper and the lower. It involves the moving of the beads to do quick mental calculations and has been used to train children in the basic fundamentals of mathematics for centuries. An ancient tool with a modern use if you will.

So what are the benefits of using an Abacus for your child?

Improves Observation and Memory

Children that are undergoing regular abacus math training tend to develop sharp and photographic memories as they are not only expected to visualize everything but also to remember every movement of the beads on their imaginary abacuses. Towards the end of their training, students will develop and exhibit excellent memory and recall skills allowing them to crunch numbers after a single glance.

Boosts Creativity and Imagination

Abacus training makes it mandatory for students to mentally envision a virtual abacus as they progress through this brain development program. This in turn improves their imaginative and visualization skills which will overlap into other aspects of their lives.

Improves Concentration

The abacus math program requires that students should be able to mentally carry out basic mathematical operations quickly and accurately. This requires the child’s undivided attention which is further enhanced when the child is required to perform more complex calculations on an imaginary abacus. Students also develop better listening skills as they have to listen very carefully to the numbers being told to them as mistakes will throw off their calculations.

Increases Confidence and Self Esteem

Children that are enrolled in the abacus math program are required to perform at high speeds in front of many different kinds of audiences depending on the venue and type of brain development program, they are competing in. This can range from public demonstrations to even international competitions. The program’s constant supervision and instant validation techniques boost a child’s self-confidence and ability to perform in public without any stage fright.

Amplifies Thinking Ability

Children have to move the beads with both hands when undergoing training. Research indicates that most right-handed people tend to have a more active left brain (More than 90% of the world population is left brain dominated). Using both hands stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain thereby triggering whole brain development.

Considered a stepping stone, our UCMAS abacus brain development program offers a healthy, fun and stimulating environment that will enrich your child’s comprehension in rapid math calculation with the crucial concept of visualization. So if seeing your child become proficient in Mental Math is something you’d like then maybe getting in touch with us is the best thing for you!

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