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What Parents Say

Fabulous! He is very happy about his accomplishments and can't wait to see his trophy tmrw. Kudos to the teachers and staff at UCMAS Richmond .

Angela & Tony (Student Tyson ; age 7 ; James McKinney Elementary school)

Thank you so very much for your great support and an excellent way of teaching approach towards our son Daniyal. We surely know it's not an easy task to make a child with somewhat special needs to perform at this much level but you people have proved it by your sincere approach, continuous efforts and diligent help that you can make a diamond from a carbon.
Wish UCMAS Richmond all the very best for your upcoming successful years and we would be looking forward to seeing you guys progressing each n every year in future.
God Bless you.

Rubeela n Saqib (Student Daniyal ; age 7 ; BC Muslim school)

Congratulations for an Amazing job to Krishna, Binu, and all the staff of UCMAS Richmond Centre!!! More success in the future

Maria & Jay (student Janae ; age 10 ; Diefenbaker Elementary school)

Congratulations UCMAS Richmond! That is quite the achievement!
I think your school is very dedicated to the UCMAS program. Thank you for encouraging all the students to improve and participate

Jeinny & Ferd (student Jayden ; age 8 ; Richmond Christian Elementary school)

Thank you for your passion and patience in teaching Lexi. In making sure that she not only learn her math but enjoys learning it. You guys at UCMAS Richmond are the best because you bring out the best in her!

Cathy & James (student Lexi ; age 9 ; William Bridge Elementary school )
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