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What Parents Say

With the UCMAS training, there are great differences in my son’s level of concentration, speed, accuracy and memory. His ability to remember concepts and work independently have increased marvelously. And we have certainly seen great improvement in his math skills.

N. Gnanaruby, Markham, ON

When asked as to whether they are satisfied with the UCMAS program, the proud parents said, “We are overwhelmed by what this program has done to Queenny (our daughter). She’s only in her 2nd lesson and we can tell that there’s a very promising future for her in math. UCMAS has finally caught her attention & eagerness. She can now solve up to 3 numbers mentally and do oral sums while lying in bed – and Queenny is just in Grade 1!” When asked whether UCMAS has specifically helped their daughter’s learning capacity, they said that “Before (joining UCMAS) our daughter could not concentrate for a few minutes when we were giving her a simple math problem and she seemed uninterested in figures.” Finally this is what they had to tell UCMAS Canada, “Keep up the good work! We salute you guys!”

Claro & Evelyn Bombase, Brampton, ON

We’re very confident and satisfied with the UCMAS Mental Math program. We see the eagerness our two boys have shown when it comes to schoolwork and other activities. The program helps my children (stay) engaged in their activities and helps them in improving their capabilities in everyday situations in useful ways, and not just related to Mathematics. So, we as parents, encourage everyone, to take this opportunity – your children are going to love this…think UCMAS…there’s so much to learn here.

D. Pascual, Oakville, ON

I am very satisfied with the UCMAS Mental Math program. We have noticed tremendous improvement in my son’s math skills. Now he has cultivated a “friendship” with numbers and (his) confidence in math has increased. He can utilize his mental math skills in daily activities and school homework. In addition his speed and accuracy has improved a lot.

L. Xavier, Mississauga, ON

I am very satisfied with the UCMAS mental math program. It starts with fundamentals and paves a smart learning path for kids towards a bright future. UCMAS has greatly helped Rahul’s (my son) learning capacity. He now easily understands the importance of numbers and their utilization in daily activities and homework.” When asked whether they have seen any improvements in Rahul’s concentration, speed, accuracy, and memory, she replied, “Yes, his speed and accuracy have improved in just three classes. Understanding the concept of addition and subtraction through use of Abacus has greatly helped.” Avisha adds, “UCMAS has given a new direction towards math learning.”

Avisha Gudise, Brampton, ON
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