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Kerrie Goodwin (Mother of Sadie and Jude, UCMAS Ottawa)
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Kerrie Goodwin (Mother of Sadie and Jude, UCMAS Ottawa)

I am very happy with the dedication of the teachers and hard work of the Ottawa school owners; they are committed to success. I equate my UCMAS experience to that of teaching my kids to ride a bike; without training wheels, at first it is wobbly. Learning the formulas is slow and steady. With practice, accuracy and speed increase, just like riding a bike and the child even forgets their beginning days. I have to stop my 6 year old son from doing too much math. Just like I have to stop my 8 year old from reading too much. These are actually blessings and not problems. UCMAS Ottawa gives families blessings and gifts.. And everyone can admit, the gigantic medals, huge trophies-- hard earned if course-- delight everyone! Thank you UCMAS Ottawa.