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Ayman El-Faramawy Parent of Nour and Amr (BRAMPTON)
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Ayman El-Faramawy Parent of Nour and Amr (BRAMPTON)

As a parent, it's very hard to convince your child to start taking additional classes after their regular school schedule to improve their education level. The moment I met Mrs. Ghosh, I realized that it was not going to be an issue at all. She is amazing and has a different approach to working with kids and getting them to really study and do the required work throughout her class. It's not the typical structure that makes learning boring for kids. She has set-up an educational, and open environment for kids to feel very comfortable and confident. More importantly, it makes kids want to be there to learn, it’s all just fun. Mrs. Ghosh has set-up a very structured and detailed plan to increase my kids potential to succeed in the final test with good scores. I highly recommend Mrs. Ghosh UCMAS centre in the Brampton area. Mrs. Ghosh finds where a kid needs improvement and spends extra time on that area. We live in Brampton and we recommended her to so many families. She is doing an excellent job with the kids. UCMAS has been a great benefit in my kids thinking abilities, UCMAS not only helps my kids with solving math problems, it also helps improve education level and other areas that need fast memory. I am very satisfied with the UCMAS mental math program. It starts with fundamentals and lays down a path for better learning potentials for kids towards a successful future.