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Abacus for kids- A program that goes above & beyond Math

Discover all the clandestine benefits of UCMAS

A child’s brain is like a sponge ready to absorb anything that it comes in contact with. And it’s in their young age, that it’s quite essential to get their mind active with programs that will actually stimulate their thinking.

UCMAS is one such program that teaches math using abacus. Not only that, it also ensures that your child can do all sorts of calculations mentally without relying on any device.

Math is not everyone’s favourite subject, but it’s one that will be needed a lot in the future. Students in general struggle a lot with math in their later years because their base isn’t cleared. The love for math needs to be instilled from a young age so they won’t have trouble in the future.

This mental math program increases children’s proficiency in math and their confidence in them. UCMAS doesn’t believe in just improving math skills but also in building self-confidence and right framework of mind for children to expand essential learning capabilities so they can succeed in all walks of life. Some of these amazing benefits are:


Students are taught to use the abacus in the beginning phase and then they are encouraged to imagine abacus in their minds and then perform all the calculations that they would have on abacus.

When children grasp this technique of imagination and execution, they will be qualified to perform calculations mentally. These high-pace mental calculations enhances their auditory, verbal, and visual skills. Their memory power gradually increases because of constant mental calculations and it eventually sharpens their cognitive skills.


Judgment requires a balance of expertise, views and context of a particular situation. UCMAS helps expand your child’sthis balance alongside creativity and imagination. It enhances children’s vision and attitude engaging the right side of the brain. This balanced technique ensures great senses of judgment in a child right from the get go.


UCMAS is a mind development program with emphasis on pace and accuracy. A second of distraction can make you lose. The constant focus on the task right in front of you drills the much needed skill of concentration in children. This helps them to not get distracted easily and maintain their cool in all situations.

These are just some of the skills that will help in holistic development of your child, but there is just so much more UCMAS can do that you would never know unless you register your child in this mental math program.

We are the only unique program that teaches math using abacus that helps your child develop both, creative and the logical side of their brain. Children not only start thinking rationally and creatively, but you would also see a vast difference in them when they come out of this course.


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