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USAC is an exclusive club of selected UCMAS Graduates who have left an indelible mark with their contributions & performances. Members of USAC – UCMAS Students Alumni Club are one of a kind. Their time at UCMAS has shaped their lives and transformed them info skilled, confident and successful individuals, who are making a difference in their workplaces, communities and nation. Their success is our success, which makes us super proud of what we do.

USAC Members embody the true values & spirit of UCMAS –
Passion, Perseverance & Performance

USAC is a coming together of dynamic graduates from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. They bring in their knowledge and experiences, forming a force of intellects poised to make a difference. USAC members are important to the continued success of UCMAS and we value their involvement, support and the real difference they make as the ambassadors of UCMAS, helping children of today unlock their true potentials through our program.

Exclusive Benefits to USAC Members:

  • Official brand ambassadors of UCMAS.
  • Attend UCMAS events as special guests
  • Deliver lectures and share experiences
  • Opportunities to build professional & social networks
  • Support career development of students

If you’re a UCMAS Graduate, please fill the testimonial form below to help us spread the word about UCMAS and get a chance to become an exclusive USAC member.

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