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UCMAS is the World’s leading Abacus-based mental math program for children aged 5-13 years. With its unique 6-finger technique, the program develops brainpower and lifelong cognitive skills in children. Due to enhanced skills, UCMAS students are able to perform well in academics as well as extra-curricular activities, and turn out to be extremely self-confident and successful individuals.


  • How can age-old Abacus be helpful to my child?
  • Can Abacus training improve my child’s academic performance?
  • Is it true that Abacus training is linked with whole-brain development?
  • Do children need mental math training in these technology-driven times?
  • How is UCMAS Abacus training different & more effective?
  • What makes UCMAS the best choice for my child?

As a parent, if you have come across several questions like above, wondering how this program can help in your child’s development, then this info session is a must-attend for you.



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What are the Benefits of the UCMAS Program?

How to overcome the Covid-19 Slide?

It is a well-known fact that children experience loss of learning during the summer break. However, with the outbreak of Covid-19 and the long gap in learning, children can experience far greater consequences of learning loss during the closure time. Keeping them engaged in regular learning can help them overcome the threats posed by Covid-19 Slide.


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Parent Testimonials

Shannon -Ontario
Shannon -Ontario

Thank you for organizing the online class. It was amazing & no arguments from kids.

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