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Sukhjinder Kainth Brampton, ON
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Sukhjinder Kainth Brampton, ON

I, Sukhjinder Kainth, father of Jessica Kainth want to thank UCMAS from the core of my heart I have a little story to tell u and the all UCMAS team that three weeks ago me and my daughter went to Fortinos Grocery store to do some groceries in Brampton Springdale while I was doing groceries my daughter just pointed me towards a guy giving out chips juice and snacks to the kids in the store I was in a hurry but she said want the same as other kids have then she just walk to that guy and ask for the chips and juice the guy said she can get it only if she will solve some math equations and she said ok let’s do it my daughter kept on solving every single math sum the guy was giving out to her she was unstoppable she got 3 juices 4 pack of chips and 4 pack of candies she was not stopping then that guy said what r u she said I’m Jessica Kainth from UCMAS cant u see on my T Shirt I’m not going to stop until I’ve won everything you have on your table and everyone around my daughter was surprised to see how confident she was everyone was cheering for my daughter kids and their parents and everyone around that table and was asking her what grade u r in which school u go to she said UCMAS then that guy said u not gone stop I’m surprised it’s not simple math you r doing so fast. I thank u have won enough. Please stop now let other kids get their chance. Only then she stopped she was very happy she said dad look what I did n I give her a big hug I said I’m proud of u I love u I love UCMAS.