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Charuta & Hari (student Rishikesh ; age 11 ; Howard Debeck school)
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Charuta & Hari (student Rishikesh ; age 11 ; Howard Debeck school)

We are extremely happy to see Rishi's achievement and also the success of entire center with the clean sweep of trophies in the competition this year. The hard work, motivation, and support that you provided to kids is simply unimaginable. We have seen so many positive changes in Rishi over the last four years! You have helped him realize his true potential and discover what he can achieve. I am so sure that the confidence children are developing will prepare them to face any challenge they encounter in future. Also, I must say Roshan and Kunal are doing the wonderful job working by your side and presenting a role model for all kids in the class ay UCMAS Richmond! With all my sincere thanks to you, we will cherish this moment all our entire life.