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Taste of Success: Can Education Franchises Dominate The Prevalence of Food Franchises?

Education Vs Food Franchise
Make a Smart Investment

Did you know that Canada has the second-largest franchise industry in the world? You know what that smells like; not deliciously viscous maple syrup, but a hot opportunity for entrepreneurs considering getting into the franchise industry. According to the International Franchise Attractiveness Index 2023, Canada ranked sixth among 131 countries as an expansion market for US-based franchises. This offers a strong growth trend for US-based and other franchises in Canada.

As a franchisee, food franchising seems to be the easiest pick on the list of franchise opportunities in Canada. However, even though that may seem like an easy choice, it is not necessarily a profitable one. According to a franchising industry overview by the Canadian Franchise Association, Children’s products and services, including tutoring and STEM education had a 16% growth rate in 2021 and 2022, compared to the 11% offered by Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). In this blog, we will be stating some facts that might help budding entrepreneurs see the potential in the Canadian Education Franchise Industry.

Food vs Education: Franchising for the Long Run

The enticing world of education franchises versus the tempting allure of food franchises, here are a few pointers on the functioning of both.

Ease of Setup: Building Bridges, Not Kitchen Dramas

Setting up a franchise can be a daunting task, but with the right support structure, this preliminary task can be smooth sailing. Food franchises, while easy to set up, might be subjected to volatile market trends. On the contrary, education franchises boast a lot more than a straightforward setup process. With a streamlined support system that focuses on intellectual enrichment, they pave the way for seamless scalability.

Low Overhead Costs: Maximising Margins with Minimal Expenses

Picture the overheads associated with running a food franchise; ingredients, equipment, staffing- and the list is never-ending. Education franchises require minimal inventory and physical infrastructure, allowing for higher profit margins. Low overhead costs empower entrepreneurs to strategically allocate resources and amplify long-term profitability and sustainability.

Long-Term Returns: The Educational Advantage

Education, unlike other industries, never suffers from a lack of demand. Quality education is a requirement across generations, and the names of good educational institutes are passed on like family heirlooms. While returns in food franchising may be quick, they are often subjected to fleeting trends, immense competition, and the constant evolution of the culinary landscape. With education franchises, entrepreneurs reap the benefits of enduring growth and sustainable profits over the long run.

Recession Resistant: Breezing Through Economic Storms

Education franchises are equipped with the resilience to overcome economic uncertainty. This feature has been tested during the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein innovation in the educational field has saved it from being subjected to the global economic meltdown. Demand for education surged during the pandemic as individuals sought opportunities to upskill and adapt during challenging times. This, however, was quite the opposite for the food industry. 

Fulfilment Beyond Profits: Making a Meaningful Impact

While food franchises may bring you the excitement of short-term profits, you definitely earn much more wholesome impact with an education franchise. From empowering individuals and shaping the community to sculpting futures and making an impact, educational franchises offer a sense of fulfilment unparalleled in the world of franchising.

If your preferences are now leaning toward education franchises, that is one turn in the right direction. Your personal skills and thorough research are key to selecting the right educational franchise. Spend time assessing the franchise’s reputation, curriculum quality, and training support. A proven success track record, a strong brand presence, and a supportive franchisor go a long way in ensuring success.

UCMAS: A Snapshot

If you’re considering venturing into the sector of education franchise in Canada, here’s why UCMAS can be your ideal choice.

UCMAS stands for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System. It is a global educational program aimed at enhancing children’s mental math abilities and overall brain development. Originating in Malaysia in 1993, UCMAS has expanded and gained traction in over 80 countries, including Canada, with more than 6,000 centers worldwide.

An infograph showing global network on UCMAS  in over 80 countries, including Canada, with more than 6,000 centers worldwide.

With significant research over the past 30 years, UCMAS has developed a unique approach to teaching mental math. The program is designed to stimulate brain fitness among kids, thereby fostering holistic development by improving concentration, memory, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Through structured modules, advanced training methods, and engaging activities, UCMAS empowers children aged 5 to 13 with the skills and confidence to excel academically and in life.

Does UCMAS Tick the Boxes to be the Best Franchise in Canada?

Investing in a UCMAS franchise in Canada offers numerous advantages, both professionally and personally. Here are some key benefits.

  • One of the top franchises in Canada, with multiple accolades and awards that prove its performance. 
  • Winner of the Canadian Franchisees’ Choice Designation Award for 12 years in a row. We were also inducted into the CFA Hall of Fame in 2020, and we continue to strive to achieve excellence. 
  • Recipient of the 2024 CFA Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award. 
  • A well-established business model with a track record of success globally. As a franchise owner, you benefit from the brand’s reputation and proven methodologies.
  • With the increasing emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, there is a growing demand for programs like UCMAS that enhance children’s math skills and cognitive abilities.
  •  As a franchise owner, you have the flexibility to set your schedule and manage your business according to your preferences and lifestyle.
  • UCMAS provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to franchise owners, including assistance with marketing, curriculum implementation, and business management.

You do not need a teaching background for the UCMAS franchise, but you do need to share our passion for education.  Along with strong business and leadership skills, our candidates for franchising are people-oriented, enjoy interactions with students and parents, and are resourceful multitasking individuals. Learn more about some important traits of our franchisees.

Are you ready to invest in a business opportunity that extends beyond financial gains? Be a part of the successful UCMAS movement. Send us a request with your details, and a team member will get in touch with you. Embark on a profitable and fulfilling journey with UCMAS today!

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