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Success Beyond Numbers: UCMAS Students Leading the Way

Banner text: Abacus and Beyond: The Remarkable Journey Of UCMAS Alumni

We just concluded hosting Canada’s Largest Mental Math Competition, where our students once again exceeded all expectations by solving 100-200 questions in just 8 minutes! Since 2004, this competition has been an integral part of UCMAS Canada’s culture, significantly impacting the lives of countless students. The event was especially nostalgic for one of our top students, Rukshiya Shanmugalingam. Rukshiya joined the UCMAS Whitby Centre at a very young age. She quickly progressed through all UCMAS levels, excelling in the International Grading Exam (IGE) and earning her status as a UCMAS Graduate. Witness as she proudly shares her experience volunteering as an alumni and a mentor in the UCMAS National Competition 2024. 

UCMAS Alumni: Rukshiya Shanmugalingam

“Ten years ago, I sat in this very seat, participating in my final UCMAS competition before graduating from the program. Since then, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to teach and inspire the next generation of UCMAS students….” Read more

Her course instructor recalls her as a promising student, one who consistently demonstrated dedication and brilliance. During her time as a UCMAS Student, Rukshiya’s hard work and determination were evident in her numerous accolades from national competitions, where she shone brightly and collected several awards.

Now a proud UCMAS alumna, Rukshiya is pursuing a degree in Business from a leading research-intensive institution – DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University. Her academic journey is complemented by various leadership accolades and certifications, which are a testament to her skills and discipline, as well as the profound impact of the UCMAS program. The program not only sharpened her mental math abilities but also instilled in her a strong work ethic and passion for lifelong learning.

Rukshiya’s transition from student to mentor has been marked by her commitment to giving back. She has taken on the role of guiding the next generation of UCMAS students, sharing her knowledge and experience to help them achieve their own successes. Her influence has been transformative, inspiring many young minds to pursue their goals with the same fervor she exhibited.

UCMAS Alumni

Rukshiya’s journey mirrors the success stories of many other UCMAS alumni, such as Jonathan Lingaratnam, a former UCMAS student who now runs a successful UCMAS franchise in Laval, Quebec. The collective achievements of our students highlight the enduring value of the UCMAS program in shaping future leaders and visionaries

Here’s another proud moment for the UCMAS program: Mr. Anand Karia, the president of UCMAS North America, had an encounter with one of our students while buying his first electric Tesla.

As students like Rukshiya and Jonathan continue to excel in their lives, they remain beacons of inspiration, proving that the skills and values cultivated through UCMAS are foundational for success in any field.

Our key strength at UCMAS is a dedicated team committed to every child’s success. The instructors are passionate and supportive, providing personalized attention to ensure each student reaches their full potential. Our experienced Course Instructors and our thoroughly researched math program create a winning formula for your child’s success. With UCMAS, you are not just investing in education; you are investing in a brighter, more promising future for your child. Enroll your child and be a part of the UCMAS revolution now!

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