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Summer Camp
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UCMAS Summer Camp

Defeating Summer Slide with UCMAS Summer Camp
Can you believe that an average student loses a month of academic-calendar learning each summer? The result of this summer slide is a wider gap between achievement & learning. In only a month, children can experience a huge dip in reading, math & overall comprehension.

With UCMAS summer camp, the skills of children are garnered, and they develop into better learners after the summer. By involving them in interesting hands-on activities, the summer camp helps children to win over the summer slide and be at an advantage throughout the year.

Give your children the summer they will remember forever!

conc Robotics
conc Abacus Math
conc Clay Modelling
conc Painting
conc Origami
conc MUSIC
conc Craft
conc Board Games
conc Riddles & Puzzles

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Focus of UCMAS Summer Camp

  • Increase Confidence
  • Boost Creativity
  • Develop Self-discipline
  • Foster Team-work
  • Enhance Multi-tasking
  • Build Interest & Skills


What is UCMAS summer camp?

UCMAS summer camp focuses on creating a dynamic learning environment for
your child. The camp is organized to provide an interactive learning process which
will activate different components of the child’s brain by engaging in interesting
and creative activities.

Why robotics learning is crucial for the child?

Robotics challenges a child’s thinking and learning through them creates new
neural networks in the brain. This engages the creative cells in the child’s brain as
he/she develops the ability to solve problems from several distinct perspectives.

How Abacus math can help your child?

Through abacus math, a child learns to quickly solve mathematical problems
without wasting time on lengthy calculations. Computation using mental math
develops a child’s memory, visualization and concentration skills essential for
learning complex lessons.

Why is an afterschool program important for children?

An afterschool program offers children the opportunity to explore their true
potential with practical learning. Engaging in co-curricular activities allows
children to discover their talents, become focused in school & experience learning
in a stimulating environment.

Are online bookings mandatory for the camp?

Yes. For confirming your child’s spot in the camp, you will be required to book
online once the registrations open in June.

Is the camp being organized at all UCMAS centres?

The camp is organized at participating locations only. To know more about the
participating locations for the summer camp, call us at 1877-UCMAS-90.