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UCMAS Fitness Contest for Children

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Encourage your children to participate in UCMAS Fitness Contest and help them be physically active and exercise to stay fit in this lockdown.

How to participate & win

  • Create a ‘Stay-at-home’ fitness video of 30-45 secs. You can also share their photograph doing any fitness exercise. It can include jogging, skipping, weights, yoga or any fitness exercise.
  • Upload your child’s video/photo along with details like Child’s Name, Age, Your Contact Number & Email-ID along with Postal Code.
  • Every week two children will get $25 Gift Card!
  • Winning Criteria: Uniqueness, Balance, Flexibility & Total Number of ‘Likes’ received on Facebook & Instagram of UCMAS Canada.


General rules

  • Contest will be conducted for children in two age groups.
    Group A: 5 to 8 years. Group B: 9 to 13 years
    Age Calculation: 2020 minus the year of birth (e.g. if child’s birthdate is 16-07-2014,
    then 2020 – 2014 = 6 i.e. Child’s age will be considered as 6 years.
  • Contest is open from 4th May – 29th May 2020 (Four Weeks)
  • For each week, entries will be accepted from Monday to Friday only.
  • Photos/Videos should have good clarity and it should be strictly done either at your home, backyard or drive way. We do not encourage children to go outside during COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Every day photos/videos will be published on Facebook & Instagram accounts of UCMAS Canada between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Parents have to get maximum ‘Like’ on the Videos/Photos published on Facebook & Instagram of UCMAS Canada.
  • One winner from Group A and one winner from Group B will be declared every Sunday evening on Facebook & Instagram(www.facebook.com/ucmascanada and www.instagram.com/ucmascanada). Each winner will get $25 Gift Card every week
  • Contest is for UCMAS as well as non-UCMAS children residing in Canada
  • Any participant who generates ‘Likes’ through automated software will not be eligible for prizes and will be disqualified immediately.
  • Any entry without complete information will not be considered valid.
  • Entries will be accepted only through 5fb1b9cd0b.nxcli.net/fitnesscontest
  • In case of any disagreement, the final decision will be taken by UCMAS Canada Head Office.