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    • How can age-old Abacus be helpful to my child?
    • Can Abacus training improve my child’s academic performance?
    • Is it true that Abacus training is linked with whole-brain development?
    • Do children need mental math training in this technology-driven times?
    • How is UCMAS Abacus training different & more effective?
    • What makes UCMAS the best choice for your child?

    As a parent, if you have come across several questions like above, wondering how Abacus training can help in your child’s development, then this webinar is must attend for you.

    Upon registering, you can also get a complimentary Trial Class for your child with zero fee and no obligations.

    Expert Panel

    Megha Karia

    CEO – UCMAS Canada & USA
    20+ Years of Experience

    Pooja Sundar

    Vice President – UCMAS Canada & USA
    15+ Years of Experience


    Topics to be covered

    • Introduction to Abacus
    • Abacus Training & Skill Development
    • Abacus Learning Benefits

    Special Attraction: Live Demo by UCMAS Student