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Developing the Budding Picasso in Your Child

Designed for all levels – beginner to experienced – the DinoArt program is for children aging 4 to 13 years. The program provides a unique opportunity for children to learn fundamental artistic techniques combined with fun-filled experience of true artistic expression.

The DinoArt program blends artistic technique with authentic creativity, providing an educational experience for children that inspire the artist within!

Integrating the imagination with learning new techniques, we will teach your child how to make the ordinary extraordinary! Students explore color, composition and a wide variety of materials through mediums, such as:

  Did you know that art develops a child’s creative thinking and problem-solving abilities?

Artistic activity is a form of reasoning, communication and organization, drawing on abstract thinking and perception. As our DinoArt artists create through drawing, painting and composing images, they stimulate and develop key cognitive functions essential in child development.

Children love making things and this artistic outlet will foster more than just the creative aspects of development in children. It strengthens the functions of the right-brain, open-ended thinking, problem-solving, self-expression, which leads to increase in children’s self-esteem.

Creativity is an essential part of intelligence. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left one is responsible for reading, writing, arithmetic and science, rational and analytical thought. And the right hemisphere controls imagination, visual and spatial perception. It is dominant in art, music and physical movement.

Children learn best when both sides of their brains are stimulated. Art enrichment through DinoArt provides that type of stimulations that boosts brain-power.

DinoArt offers the following significant benefits in child development including:

Developing creativity, conceptual thinking and spatial awareness

Improvement in focus and concentration

Problem Solving

Academic benefits like- attention to detail, multi-tasking

Dexterity and fine-motor skills

Improvement in social skills

  Creativity through art stimulates mental sharpness

  • Consists of 12 levels
  • Each level is approx. 3 months long
  • Weekly two-hour classes
  • Hands-on instruction of all techniques, step-by-step process demonstrations
  • No previous experience is required to join the program
  • Small class sizes lead by qualified instructors
  • Quality art materials

  An interactive and hands-on art program

DinoArt students are trained in a variety of art techniques that include:

Composition and Design

Object placement, Perspective and Depth

Colour combinations, Values and Harmony

Line rendering and Merging

Rapid imaging

Image building

Texture building

Creating effects

Background creation