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After school program

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    After school program

    Help your child begin the new academic year with great interest and improved skills. The After School Program will provide a great head start and get your child back in the groove of learning.



    Arithmetic calculations using worksheets and Abacus


    Fun activities like speed writing, jumbled dictation and Listen, Recall & Write


    Training for doing basic calculations without any pen, pencil or calculator


    Academic advantage and getting interest back in learning before school reopens


    Benefits to Children

    • Improvement & interest in math subject
    • Enhances focus and memory
    • Better learning capabilities
    • Leap start in the new academic year


    Limited Seats Available
    For registration or more information:
    Call : 1877-UCMAS-90 or visit your nearest UCMAS centre




    UCMAS is an after school math program that stimulates all-round development of skills in children. Hear how the UCMAS program can make a big positive impact in your child’s life.

    How is the UCMAS Mental Math Program Unique?

    How UCMAS makes your child confident?

    What Parents say about the UCMAS?

    Amazing Math Skills of UCMAS Students



    How many children have UCMAS mentored?

    • The UCMAS program has successfully trained 2.5 million children worldwide and empowered them with improved math skills, academic performance, focus, memory, problem solving and multi-tasking ability.


    Why is UCMAS special and unique?

    • UCMAS, a child development program, has introduced a technique which will not only eliminate a child’s fear of math but also advance their brain capabilities. UCMAS’s 6-Finger Technique has revolutionized child development and has helped eliminate children’s anxiety towards math.


    What exactly is ‘Mental Math?’

    • The UCMAS Mental Math program trains students to quickly and accurately do complex calculations without the aid of a calculator or other helpers. UCMAS focuses on Auditory & Visual learning abilities through listening exercise and visual calculations.


    How is UCMAS different from regular teaching?

    • The UCMAS program trains children using the Abacus as a tool and Mental Math as a medium. When children use both hands to operate the beads on the abacus, there is quick communication between the hands and the brain that stimulates more brain engagement. The program does not teach them with ready answers, in-fact it trains the child to find out of the box solutions by improving their critical thinking and motoring functions.


    What kind of progress can I expect for my child?

    • Students develop the ability to think in pictures and quickly learn to perform large calculations mentally. Our 6 Finger technique equips them with the skills they need to improve overall academic achievement and to confidently meet life’s challenges and achieve greatness.


    Organized by UCMAS Canada

    UCMAS is the World’s leading Abacus & mental math program that boosts brain power in children aged 4-13 years, ensuring their success in academics and beyond.